Friday, February 15, 2013

Prayer is always the best place to leave things...

Almighty God

There is so much sadness and hurt in the world these days,
my heart breaks so I can only imagine how painful it is for you to watch your creation stumble.

Lord we need you, we need your soveriegn hands to bring peace to the entire region.

Father we pray that your love and righteousness would pour out on
Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria...and to the ends of the earth...

I ask that you would protect your children in this time of unsettled violence and anger.

Lord put your gaurdian angels beside every little girl and give every boy your strength and wisdom.

We want to see you reign in these nations and we want to see people find the truth.....

Help us know how to share you in this time of difficulty and how to hold on strong to you ourselves.

Father bring each one the encouragment they need to continue serving you in obediance and confidence.

Thank you for your grace, love, and peace in our souls knowing that no matter what is going on in our lives, you are Lord of all.

Thank you for yourself, we love you with all you have made us to be,



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